Nature Cubicle

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The "Nature Cubicle" is a masterfully crafted, maintenance-free terrarium that captures the essence of nature in a modern design. Inside its stylish glass casing, a vibrant landscape of lush moss unfolds that gently extends across the base of the container.

Artful root structures

In the center of the “Nature Cubicle”, artfully intertwined roots attract attention. They form a natural bridge between the wildness of nature and the elegance of modern interior design. Each of these handcrafted terrariums is unique, shaped by the individual shape and arrangement of its roots.

Versatile placement

The "Nature Cubicle" is ideal for any environment - be it as a quiet accent on your office table or as a central decorative element in your living area. It brings the calming presence of nature into your everyday life without having to worry about care or maintenance.

Dimensions and design

With dimensions of 30 x 20 x 10 cm, the "Nature Cubicle" fits harmoniously into any room design. The back of the glass container is cleverly darkened to create a contrasting background for the moss. The integrated glass door with ventilation opening underlines the well thought-out design and ensures the longevity of the terrarium.

Care instructions

Since the " Nature Cubicl " is a preserved terrarium, it does not require any watering or special care. To preserve the bright colors and freshness of the moss, the terrarium should be kept out of direct sunlight and placed in a well-ventilated room with low humidity.

Handcrafted quality

Each " Nature Cubicl " is a handcrafted work of art. Small deviations in the design or non-permanent markings, such as a fingerprint on the glass, are evidence of individual handcraft and make each piece unique.

Discover the " Nature Cubicl " and be inspired by the harmony and calm it brings to your space. A piece of nature captured in glass is waiting to enrich your home.

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