Detailansicht von 'Flower River' Moosbild ohne Hintergrund.

Handgemachte Moosbilder

Terra-Green verkauft ausschliesslich von Hand hergestellte Moos-Bild Unikate. Falls Sie Ihr gewünschtes Design auf unserer Webseite nicht finden können, kontaktieren Sie uns hier.

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Moosbild Jungle Fern Oasis

Erleben Sie 'Jungle Fern Oasis', ein Moosbild, das Dschungelfarne mit lebendigem Moos kombiniert. Perfekt, um jedem Raum eine natürliche, beruhigende Atmosphäre zu verleihen

Moos-Bild Jungle fern Oasis - Klicken Sie hier um mehr zu erfahren

Moosbild Flower River

Das 'Flower River' Moosbild kombiniert lebhaftes Moos mit einem bunten Blumenfluss, der jeden Raum belebt. Ideal für eine naturinspirierte Dekoration.

Moosbild Flower River - Kunst und Natur vereint
Flower River' Moosbild auf eleganter Marmorwand

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The magic of moss pictures

Discover the fascinating world of moss paintings at Terra-Green, where nature meets art. Our moss pictures are more than just decoration; they are living works of art that bring the beauty and tranquility of nature into your living or work space. Each image is unique and tells its own story.

Natural elegance

Harmony and aesthetics : Our moss paintings are carefully designed compositions that bring natural elegance and aesthetic harmony to any room. They fit seamlessly into different interior styles, from modern to rustic, creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Environmentally friendly materials

Sustainability in focus : At Terra-Green we attach great importance to environmental friendliness. Our moss paintings are made from sustainably sourced moss that is carefully selected and processed to ensure longevity and freshness.

Variety of designs

Unique creations : Each moss picture is unique. We offer a variety of designs, sizes and types of moss to suit different tastes and room concepts. From dense, deep green moss landscapes to delicate moss patterns – our collection has something for everyone.

Easy-care nature

Low maintenance and long-lasting : Our moss pictures are not only beautiful to look at, but also surprisingly easy to care for. They require no water, no soil and no special care to maintain their vibrant appearance.

Health and well-being

Promoting a healthy indoor climate : Moss pictures help improve indoor air and promote a healthy indoor climate. They are a natural source of air purification and help reduce stress and increase well-being.

easy installation

Easy to install : Our moss pictures are designed to be easy to install. They come ready to hang and can be effortlessly attached to any wall to bring instant nature and beauty to your space.

Versatile application

Ideal for any room : whether in the living room, office, lobby or waiting area - moss pictures are a versatile solution to liven up rooms and give them a touch of nature.

Art meets nature

Our moss pictures at Terra-Green are more than just wall decorations; they are a connection between art and nature that enriches every room. Discover the diversity and beauty of our moss picture collection and bring a piece of nature into your home or office.