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Our elegant moss picture "Natural Elegance" combines the beauty of nature with timeless elegance. With a size of 60x60 cm, this picture fits harmoniously into different rooms and becomes an eye-catcher on your wall. The combination of different types of moss, including Iceland moss, ball moss and forest moss, gives this picture a fascinating texture and variety of colors.

The simple yet appealing design allows the natural beauty of the moss to take center stage. The types of moss are cleverly woven together and create a harmonious overall picture. Every detail has been carefully chosen to create an atmosphere of calm and connection with nature.

" Natural Elegance " is not only a decorative element, but also a tribute to the diversity of nature. The combination of moss species and the gentle color transitions remind us how unique and precious our environment is.

Features at a glance:

  • Size: 60x60cm
  • Various types of moss, including Iceland moss, ball moss and forest moss
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Adds a natural touch to your room
  • Creates an atmosphere of calm and connection
  • Homage to the diversity of nature

Give your rooms a touch of natural elegance with our moss picture " Natural Elegance ". Be inspired by the beauty of moss species and their harmonious combination. Order now and bring nature into your home or office.

✔️ Experience nature in your living room/office
✔️ Easy to care for and worry-free: No water necessary, 0% maintenance effort for your moss wall.
✔️ Focus on health and well-being: Discover the beneficial properties of moss.
✔️ Stress reduction made easy: Create a relaxing atmosphere with our moss walls.
✔️ Hear the difference: Over 60% sound absorption for an acoustically comfortable environment.
✔️ Colors that shine: UV-resistant and lightfast colors for lasting beauty of your moss wall.
✔️ Unlimited creativity: Unleash your creative potential with a variety of uses - from walls to ceilings to furniture and more.

Find out more about the benefits of a moss wall in our blog posts !

Immerse yourself in the diverse possibilities of our art moss tiles! These special tiles bring the aesthetics of nature into your living or working environment. Made from high-quality artificial moss, our tiles offer an easy-care alternative for your interior design.

Our artificial moss tiles require no watering or special care - 0% effort, 100% authentic look. Experience the calming effect that benefits your well-being and reduces stress . The tiles impress with excellent sound absorption, which ensures pleasant room acoustics.

Their long-lasting colors retain their radiance thanks to their UV resistance and lightfastness .

Design your rooms with limitless creativity, be it walls, ceilings or furniture. Give your surroundings an extraordinary atmosphere and develop your design ideas.

The special thing about it: With every purchase you support environmental protection. For every order, we plant mangrove trees in Madagascar to revitalize habitats, support coral reefs and combat climate change.

Choose our artificial moss tiles and let your rooms blossom - for an aesthetic interior design that transforms your surroundings into a green paradise . Experience the timelessness of natural aesthetics in your own four walls.

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Detailansicht von 'Flower River' Moosbild ohne Hintergrund.

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