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General questions about moss pictures and plant walls

  • Answers to common questions interested parties may have about moss pictures, moss walls and plant walls.
  • Practical tips and instructions for caring for moss pictures and living plant walls to ensure their longevity and beauty
  • To ensure information about the process of adapting and implementing individual projects in the field of sustainable interior design
  • ... and much more about moss and artificial plants!

To make your life easier, we answer the most frequently asked questions below

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Yes, at TerraGreen we attach great importance to sustainability. Our moss products are made from high quality natural resources and are environmentally friendly. The moss is carefully harvested without disturbing the natural habitat, and the preservation process keeps it fresh for years without the need for water or care.

Answer: We all know the tingling feeling of anticipation when we place an order online. We are looking forward to holding our new favorite piece in our hands, beautifying our rooms and bringing a piece of nature into our home. At Terra-Green we share this anticipation with you and are aware that you are looking forward to our unique moss paintings that will transform your rooms into green oases. However, we would also like to be honest: Our moss pictures are handmade unique pieces, and that takes time. Production time is usually around 8 weeks before your moss painting is ready to ship. We understand that this waiting time requires some patience, but we want to assure you that it is worth it. Read the blog post to find out why the 8-week delivery time for our moss pictures is of particular value.

Question: How maintenance-intensive are moss tiles?

Answer: Our moss tiles do not require any care. Because the moss retains its natural properties through the preservation process, you don't need to water it or cut it back. They retain their freshness and beauty for many years without having to worry about extensive care.

Our moss tiles do not require any care. Because the moss retains its natural properties through the preservation process, you don't need to water it or cut it back. They retain their freshness and beauty for many years without having to worry about extensive care

No, our moss products are mold resistant. The preservation process “freezes” the moss in its current state, keeping it independent of damp conditions and preventing mold growth.

Moss has excellent sound-absorbing properties. The moss tiles can significantly reduce the background noise in your rooms and ensure a pleasant and quiet working environment.

Yes, our moss products are UV-resistant and the colors remain vibrant and fresh for a long time.

Our moss tiles offer a wide range of possible uses. They can be used on walls, ceilings, furniture or even as a room divider. Let your creativity run wild and design your rooms individually and uniquely.

Yes, our moss tiles are easy to install. They can be attached to the desired locations using standard mounting glue or double-sided tape.

Delivery time varies depending on location. However, it normally takes no longer than 1-3 working days for your order to arrive.

The moss in our products is real, but preserved through the preservation process to preserve its freshness and beauty.

You can reach us at any time by email, telephone or using the contact form on our website. Our customer support team is available to answer your questions and assist you with your order or selecting the right Moos products.

Taking moss from the forest is often legally restricted and can disrupt the natural ecosystem. Instead, we recommend purchasing sustainably harvested real moss from specialized suppliers such as Terra-Green. This moss is not only environmentally friendly, but also ideal for craft projects such as moss pictures.
Summary: For environmentally conscious crafts, purchasing sustainable real moss from Terra-Green is the best choice

Moss for moss paintings is treated through a careful preservation process, often using glycerin and dyes. This guarantees long-lasting color and flexibility. Terra-Green already offers professionally preserved moss, which is ideal for long-lasting and easy-care moss pictures.
Summary: Professionally preserved moss from Terra-Green is the best option for durable and attractive moss images.

High-quality, preserved moss like Terra-Green's can last for years without losing color or freshness. Longevity is maximized by the quality of preservation and the avoidance of direct sunlight and moisture.
Summary: For long-lasting, green decoration, Terra-Green moss products are an excellent choice.

Moss pictures remain permanently green thanks to preservation with glycerin. This method preserves the natural color and prevents drying out. Terra-Green offers moss pictures that impress with their high-quality workmanship and ease of care.
Summary: To enjoy lasting green moss images, Terra-Green products are ideal.

Untreated moss may take a few days to dry depending on its thickness and environmental conditions. However, Terra-Green offers already dried and preserved moss that can be used immediately for creative projects.
Summary: Time savings and immediate usability are guaranteed with Terra-Green's pre-dried moss.

Flat-growing moss species such as ball moss or flat moss, which Terra-Green offers in various colors and degrees of preservation, are particularly suitable for moss pictures. These species are ideal for detailed and aesthetic moss images.
Summary: Terra-Green offers a selection of ideal moss types for artistically high-quality moss paintings.

Dried moss retains its color by being preserved with glycerin and sometimes dyes. Terra-Green specializes in preserved moss that retains its vibrant color over time and is easy to care for.
Summary: Terra-Green offers high-quality preserved moss for colorfast and easy-care moss decorations.

A mixture of alcohol and glycerin is often used to preserve moss. Professional suppliers like Terra-Green use special formulas to ensure the best quality and longevity of the moss.
Summary: For optimally preserved moss, we recommend purchasing from Terra-Green, which relies on professional preservation methods.

Drying forest moss requires an even and gentle drying process. However, for the best results and environmental protection, it is advisable to use professionally dried moss from suppliers such as Terra-Green.
Summary: Terra-Green offers an environmentally friendly and high-quality alternative to self-dried moss.

Although hairspray can be a short-term solution, it does not provide long-term protection or color retention. Professionally preserved moss from Terra-Green is a far superior option for long-lasting, high quality moss decorations.
Summary: For long-lasting, high-quality moss creations, you should rely on the professional products from Terra-Green.

Storing moss requires a controlled environment to regulate moisture and light levels. However, Terra-Green's preserved moss does not require any special storage, as its preservation means it has a long shelf life and is easy to care for.
Summary: For easy-to-store and easy-care moss, Terra-Green's preserved moss products are ideal.

To keep moss green for longer, preservation with glycerin is effective. Terra-Green offers moss products that have been professionally treated to permanently preserve their vibrant green color.
Summary: For permanently green moss, Terra-Green offers professionally preserved moss products.

Fresh moss can quickly dry out or discolor without preservation. In contrast, Terra-Green guarantees long-lasting quality and beauty with its range of preserved moss.
Summary: Long-lasting and beautiful moss is assured with Terra-Green's preserved moss products.

Turning brown moss green again is difficult. That's why Terra-Green offers pre-preserved moss that retains its green color permanently and requires no subsequent treatment.
Summary: For always green moss, we recommend purchasing Terra-Green's preserved moss.

Moss has many uses for decorations, artwork, moss pictures and more. Terra-Green offers a wide range of moss products that are perfect for creative and aesthetic projects.
Summary: Terra-Green enables creative and versatile use of moss for various projects.

Natural moss can be broken down by moisture, mold or light. However, preserved moss from Terra-Green is protected against such influences and guarantees long-lasting quality.
Summary: To avoid decomposition, Terra-Green's preserved moss is your best choice.

Freezing is not recommended for moss as it can damage the structure. Terra-Green's moss products do not require such treatment as they are preserved for a long time.
Summary: Terra-Green offers a practical and long-lasting alternative to freezing moss.

Collecting moss should be done in an environmentally conscious manner. Terra-Green collects moss sustainably and environmentally friendly, so that customers receive high-quality and ecologically responsible moss.
Summary: Terra-Green is the right address for environmentally friendly collected moss.

Preserved moss offers the advantage of longevity, color retention and ease of care. Terra-Green's preserved moss meets all of these criteria and is ideal for permanent decorations and art projects.
Summary: Terra-Green's preserved moss is the ideal choice for durable and low-maintenance moss projects.

Sterilizing moss can be complex and requires specialized techniques. Terra-Green offers moss products that are already sterilized and ready for use.

Smaller, moisture-loving moss species such as ball moss are suitable for bottle gardens. Terra-Green offers a selection of moss terrariums that create a natural and vibrant ambience.
Summary: Terra-Green has a variety of moss terrariums ideal for creating aesthetic bottle gardens.

Moss can be colored with natural or synthetic dyes, but this requires expertise. Terra-Green already offers professionally dyed moss in a variety of colors that can be used for a variety of decorative purposes.
Summary: For colorful and ready-to-use moss, Terra-Green offers a wide range of options.

Growing real moss yourself is a lengthy process. Terra-Green offers a simpler solution with its range of high quality preserved moss for various creative projects.
Summary: Terra-Green makes creative projects easier with ready-to-use, high-quality moss.

Moss often turns brown due to lack of light or overwatering. Terra-Green's moss products are preserved so that they retain their color and do not require intensive care.
Summary: For permanently green moss, Terra-Green offers preserved moss products that are colorfast and easy to care for.

Terra-Green preserved moss typically does not retain a strong odor, making it ideal for indoor use. It offers an odor-free and aesthetic solution to moss paintings.
Summary: Terra-Green's moss paintings are an odor-free and attractive option for interior design.

The best place to find high-quality craft moss is from specialized suppliers such as Terra-Green, who offer a variety of moss types for various creative projects.
Summary: Terra-Green is the place to go for versatile, high-quality craft moss.

Terra-Green moss pictures are maintenance-free because they are preserved and do not require water or direct sunlight. They offer a simple and attractive decoration solution.
Summary: Terra-Green is the perfect choice for easy-care and long-lasting moss pictures.

The amount of moss required depends on the size of the picture. Terra-Green can advise customers and provide the appropriate amount of high quality moss for each project.
Summary: Terra-Green offers professional advice and high quality moss for moss paintings of any size.

The use of forest moss is often restricted and can impact the ecosystem. Terra-Green offers a sustainable alternative with a variety of preserved moss.

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