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Nature Cubicle

Nature Cubicle

CHF 299.00
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Gesamtbild des Cube Mossarium in einem leeren weissen Raum Cube Mossarium Ansicht mit Turmalinstein und dichtem Moos im gläsernen Kubus

Cube mossarium

CHF 249.00

Miniature worlds in glass

Welcome to the world of terrariums from Terra-Green, where we capture the essence of nature in elegant glass landscapes. Our terrariums are carefully designed miniature worlds that bring a harmonious moss landscape to life in your home or office.

Artistic moss landscapes

Natural beauty in every detail : Each terrarium is unique, designed with the greatest care and attention to detail. The moss landscapes in our terrariums offer a calming sight and create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

Versatile designs

Adapt to any style : Our terrarium collection offers a variety of designs, sizes and shapes to fit seamlessly into any decor. Whether modern, classic or rustic – our terrariums complement any room with their natural aesthetics.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

Commitment to the environment : At Terra-Green we place great value on sustainability. Our terrariums are made from environmentally friendly materials and are an expression of our commitment to protecting nature.

Maintenance-free nature

Easy care for lasting beauty : Our terrariums are not only eye-catching, but also extremely easy to care for. They do not require regular watering or special care, making them an ideal choice for busy people or for places without direct sunlight.

Individual design options

Setting personal accents : In addition to our standard collection, we also offer the option of designing terrariums according to your individual wishes. Whether as a personal gift or as a tailor-made decorative element - we will help you realize your vision.

Versatile use

Ideal for any room : Our terrariums are perfect for creating a natural and calming atmosphere in offices, living rooms or as part of your interior decoration. They also make excellent gifts that convey joy and a connection to nature.

A piece of nature in your room

Terra-Green terrariums are more than just decorative objects; they are living works of art that bring the beauty and tranquility of nature into your everyday life. Discover our terrarium collection and be inspired by the diversity and beauty of these unique moss landscapes.