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Moosbilder und Mooswände: Ist Bewässerung erforderlich?

Moss pictures and moss walls: is watering necessary?

One of the most fascinating aspects of moss paintings and moss walls is undoubtedly the amazing preserved moss. Thanks to a unique and mysterious process , it retains its incredibly fresh and vibrant appearance for years . But how exactly does this work and is it true that this moss really doesn't need any watering?

The answer to this question may seem surprising at first glance, but it is clear and clear: No, the preserved moss does not actually require any irrigation. And this applies not only to large-scale irrigation, but also to any spraying or moistening.

The process that makes preserved moss so amazing is indeed remarkable. As part of this special preservation, the natural plant sap of the moss is replaced by a secret and magical preservation solution. This special solution preserves the moss in its perfect beauty and allows it to retain its natural elasticity, freshness and color over a long period of time.

Moss wall living room villa

Thanks to this process, the moss remains virtually "frozen" and becomes independent of the conditions that normal living moss needs to survive. Of course, this also includes water. Therefore, it is really not necessary to water the moss in a moss picture or a moss wall, be it by watering, spraying or otherwise moistening. In fact, such handling could even be counterproductive and damage the preserved moss.

Of course, it is still important to note that although the moss does not require watering, it does prefer certain conditions to shine in all its glory. For example, it is recommended to protect the moss from direct sunlight and hang it in a room with a humidity between 35% and 70% (this is normal indoor humidity) to ensure its longevity.

Overall, moss paintings and moss walls are an absolutely captivating way to bring the beauty of nature into your space without the need for maintenance or watering. If you have further questions or require additional information, we warmly invite you to read our blog post or contact us directly.

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